Shagun Creation

Kids Wear

Our company deals in supply and export of Kids Wear from India. The wide variety of Kids Wear offered by us is very comfortable and available at reasonable prices in the market. Our Kids Wear mainly includes Boys Kurta Pajama and Girls Anarkali Suits. We supply our Kids Wear keeping kids’ comfort and nature in mind that is why our Kids Wear has firm fabric which does not get torn off easily. There are different colors, patterns, designs available on our exclusive Kids Wear.

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Boys Kurta Pajama
We supply and export exclusive range of Boys Kurta Pajama. Boys Kurta Pajama that we offer is loved by kids of all ages. Our Boys Kurta Pajama are comfortable to wear and easy to wash. Young kids love the patterns of our Boys Kurta Pajama. We have different colors and shades of Boys Kurta Pajama available at affordable prices.

Girls Anarkali Suits
We are a prominent Suppliers and Exporters of Girls Anarkali Suits from India. Our Girls Anarkali Suits are very popular and attract lot of kids’ attention. Kids love to wear our Girls Anarkali Suits for their comfort and unique bright designs. We have different sizes of Girls Anarkali Suits available for kids of all ages.